I would highly recommend coaching and your services.

Marian H, Caernarfon

10 out of 10 – very valuable it has re-energised me for the task I want to achieve.  I would certainly recommend coaching and particularly your style of coaching, to others.

Dave B, St Asaph

I have already recommended coaching and your services to others in need of out of the box thinking.

Mari D, Swansea

Kim is a perceptive coach and good listener. She is insightful and practical.  She manages to find joy, beauty, and humour in life’s experiences.  Her enthusiasm helped me to accomplish things I had thought were beyond my reach.

Alice J, Washington, USA

Coaching with Kim has been an invaluable experience for me. It has made me realise I am a stronger person than I thought I was and that without realising it, I have achieved a lot and achieving my goals is within my grasp.

Ruth L, Bridgend

Thank you for all your support. What you do is priceless, one of the most valuable ‘products’ that could be offered in personal or professional www. The fact that you do it so well is just a bonus. I came away feeling anything is possible. Many thanks.

Karen J, Cardiff

Coaching is invaluable. I walked into the coaching feeling a little lost with my direction. I walked away after my fourth session ready to take on the world!

Fiona M, Y Fenni

Coaching with Kim had a richness like gold, I couldn’t have asked for more

Sera F, Cardiff

Kim’s coaching delivered me back to me……..thank you

Ashley G, Brecon

Having experienced a number of ‘therapeutic’ interventions over the years, I must admit I was sceptical about coaching, but Kim was personally recommended to me. I found the sessions challenging, particularly of my perceptions and beliefs and was surprised to enjoy the creative exercises that played to my strengths and brought out the best in me. Ultimately I achieved a realisation that has enabled me to move on and really live my life again. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Ellen J, Powys

Coaching has been a very important process in helping me deal with the issues I was facing and in making positive decisions about the way forward.  I would highly recommend both the approach and the way Kim particularly delivered the sessions. Definitely a 10 (out of 10) and I would highly recommend you to anyone (and you can quote me on that!). The benefits have been increased confidence, more assertive, more direct approach, improved mechanisms for thinking things through and making decisions.  It has stopped me from being to hard on myself, learning to live a happier independent life.  Recognition I have sought happiness through others rather than focussing on what makes me really happy.

Helen D, Cardiff

Amazing house. Thank you so much for making us feel welcome, we had a really great time

Sophie D, Cardiff

Warm welcome & comfortable beds, food absolutely delicious, excellent hospitality. Very enjoyable, looking forward to coming again

David K, Epsom

You helped me enormously and the difference in me since the coaching programme has been noted by a lot of my friends and colleagues.  The sessions were very therapeutic, often great fun and always thought-provoking.  They helped me to believe that I can achieve what I want to and that nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough. Thanks Kim!

Mary E, Cardiff

I would definitely recommend attending any course at this venue. It is a beautiful house with a lovely atmosphere, Kim & Martin make sure everyone is comfortable and feel at home. Its a million miles away from a formal classroom and this has enhanced my learning.

Pam G, Gwynedd

Working with Kim has given me the skills I needed to build a strong base to face my life challenges. Focusing on the positive in my life has allowed me to see hidden resources and opportunities that I can now tap into. It has been a very valuable learning experience that continues to help me daily.

Peter B, Gwynedd

I wasn’t sure what to expect from personal coaching, particularly via skype, Kim’s approach was highly supportive; she seemed to know exactly which key questions to ask for me to gain insight into what I needed to know to be decisive and take control of my own life.

Jane W, Brisbane

Sea-Change Space is well situated in a very pleasant setting with excellent facilities for seminars or courses and ideal for adult learning provision.

Ioan Talfryn Popeth Cymraeg

The greatest difference is a sense of optimism and hope, as well as greater constructive engagement and assertiveness. Friends have noticed that I am a little more carpe diem, and I have found it easier to get things done. If you are ready for change and want to transform your life then coaching is one of the best tools that can empower you and light the way. As with any tool it is only as effective as the way it is made use of, but for those who genuinely engage the results can be extraordinary.

Rick T, Newport

The Venue is fantastic and beautiful. It has a warm, homely atmosphere and you are made to feel very welcome and relaxed. I always look forward to coming to the Sea Change Space, as it feels like I’m going on a little holiday.

Anna R, Ynys Mon

Kim’s coaching helped me to clarify my thoughts, so becoming more constructive rather than circular thoughts in my head. As a result I became more positive and capable of generating solutions.

Llew T, Carmarthen

The venue for Sea-Change is a perfect space for learning in a relaxed and welcoming way. The rooms are light spacious and very comfortable.

Chris S, Gwynedd

Coaching is like a high level strategy meeting…just about me – define the problem/the destination, gather resources, pilot the thinking, formulate a plan  with measures and get it done! Superb use of 90 minutes a month! In the sessions we talked through challenges and explored them through the lens of my aspirations (once Kim had fully ‘extracted’ these and we’d properly defined them!), she never directed/suggested actions based on something that worked once for someone else, but ‘facilitated’ answers out of me…very talented! Kim’s coaching helped me explore my perceptions of me – through some quick but remarkably accurate tools my perceived weaknesses were revealed as just that – perceived and non-existent in others realities and dealings with me!  Through monthly coaching sessions my past, present and future was actively explored – Kim allowed the conversation to be directed by me and flow, but somehow this wasn’t just ‘listening to my whinging’ but capturing what drives me and holds me back.

Ashley G, Brecon

Kim was my executive coach for around 2 years, working with me through a  ‘thinking contract’ which required us both to invest time and effort to help me become the best I can be.  Her ability to empathise with me on the challenges being faced and her experience in bringing exercises and tools into our sessions to think-around these challenges was invaluable in me securing a highly sought after place on an NHS-Consultant training programme.

Ashley G, Brecon

Kim and Martin know how to capture and sustain the involvement of a group. They clearly understand what makes for a lively, interactive and valuable learning experience. I was deeply impressed by the quality of their presentation materials, and the thought and planning that had gone into the event. Their facilitation was assured, engaging and responsive.

Mark R, Garndolbenmaen
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
Mark Twain