Ashley G, Brecon

Coaching is like a high level strategy meeting…just about me – define the problem/the destination, gather resources, pilot the thinking, formulate a plan  with measures and get it done! Superb use of 90 minutes a month! In the sessions we talked through challenges and explored them through the lens of my aspirations (once Kim had fully ‘extracted’ these and we’d properly defined them!), she never directed/suggested actions based on something that worked once for someone else, but ‘facilitated’ answers out of me…very talented!

Kim’s coaching helped me explore my perceptions of me – through some quick but remarkably accurate tools my perceived weaknesses were revealed as just that – perceived and non-existent in others realities and dealings with me!  Through monthly coaching sessions my past, present and future was actively explored – Kim allowed the conversation to be directed by me and flow, but somehow this wasn’t just ‘listening to my whinging’ but capturing what drives me and holds me back.

"The Venue is fantastic and beautiful. It has a warm, homely atmosphere and you are made to feel very welcome and relaxed. I always look forward to coming to the Sea Change Space, as it feels like I’m going on a little holiday."
Anna R, Ynys Mon